In March 2007 I Traveled to Japan and Studied bonsai in Shizuoka, at Taisho-en Nursery, run by Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata.

After my study had ended, I traveled further around Japan visiting various bonsai nurseries. This blog was a way to share my photos.

Since returning to my home in Australia, Japan has never been far from my mind. It has taken almost 2 years, but i am finally going back to continue my studies and visit as many nurseries as i can. Hopefully i will be able to update this site regularly with photos and my experiences.

Ihave started a new blog that will deal with my work and experiences in bonsai which is located HERE (Nichigo Bonsai). Hopefully i will be able to use it as a place to update what is happening in my garden from time to time.

For anyone looking to tour nurseries, buy and import trees/ tools and visit exhibitions I cannot reccomend Mr. Yoshihiro Nakamizu enough. He also can provide translation services in several languages

Contact him via this website.


More helpful information about Japan and bonsai can be found at http://www.bonsai-in-asia.com



9 Responses to About

  1. Sian says:

    Hi, do you have anymore pics of black pines and junipers from Kimura’s garden to share?

  2. john metcalf says:

    I am a humble student of Bonsai and looking to learn more about what makes my spirit fulfilled. I would like to know more about your school and costs involved.

    thank you.

    John Metcalf

  3. bonsaijapan says:


    Contact information about the school is available via that address.

  4. Jose says:

    Dear sirs,
    I´m interested in contact with SEIHOU-EN. COULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME THE EMAIL? MANY THANKS. JOSE. Mail: eyes165@hotmail.com

  5. Paul Wycoff says:

    Joe, thank you for creating this fabulous site. What a great experience you had and thank you again for sharing it. I will be checking back to enjoy your future nursery tours !!!

  6. Sam Edge says:

    Joe, can I share your blog address on KJ and my blog? Sam

  7. Phil Joslin says:

    Hello, I write to ask permission to publish a link and to show your pictures on my bonsai community http://www.bonsaibasho.com.

    I would never use anything without permission hence the request. I’d be happy to fully credit yo with the images.

    These are such beautiful images we would love to share them with our membership – which is free by the way.

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