Taisho-en is a working nursery in Shizuoka (the foot of Mt. Fuji). It is run by Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata and specialises in Shohin bonsai. That being said there were numerous examples of fine medium and large bonsai as well.

Mr. Urushibata offers 3 month student positions that can be arranged via THIS website.


*click images to enlarge

11-170.jpg 11-070.jpg11-014.jpg11-098.jpg11-100.jpg11-099.jpg11-102.jpg11-144.jpg 11-162.jpg11-161.jpg11-163.jpg11-1651.jpg11-1661.jpg11-1671.jpgp1010142.jpgp1010177.jpgp1010179.jpgp1010180.jpgp1010181.jpg


20 Responses to Taisho-en

  1. jebbu says:

    sum of all exellent…very nice art!

  2. esteban says:

    Perfect! Amaizing!!.

  3. harvey says:

    great masterpiece!

  4. harvey says:

    great masterpiece! from philippines

  5. Ron Smith says:

    Mr. Urushibata
    You are the BEST, I Love Your Art, Trees and
    most of all the Three Months I spent with you.
    I can’t say enough GOOD things about you and your school,looking forward to returning next year.
    Say Hi to Tiger Paw and Your Wife,
    Ron Smith

  6. Cornelius Lolok Agustriwaluyo, SH says:

    Exxcellence Sir, gret masterpiece !!!!

  7. optimum1 says:

    Reply from france

    Very very beautiful , but so long and expensive travel for me !

  8. eko penyo says:

    you have a lot of bonsai

  9. Quique says:

    Excelentes obras de arte!!!…
    Marivilloso trabajo

  10. Peter says:

    Hey great pictures! Just Curious, you said you have done the three month student position? How was it? What were the lodgings like?


  11. cliff says:

    Mr. Urushibata,

    Can you tell me more about your three months course via email reply.

    I have worked on a lot of tropical & sub-tropical trees, but never have a chance to learn in-depth techniques on juniper.

    Hope Mr. Ron Smith can help tell us on the student part.
    Many Thanks.


  12. Jose says:


    Did you have any experience sending tress to Europe? I´d like to buy you Kaede maples, arakawa and yamomonijii, but not shohins, I prefer medium trees. Please contact me. Many thanks from Spain.

  13. Paul Wycoff says:

    I have never before seen so many beautiful trees !!!

  14. Zoltán Kecskeméti says:

    Dear Sire!
    Please my katalog and price list .CD and e-mail
    beatiful kuro matsu .
    1. st bonsai museum Hungary Please sale price and
    hungary post mail ?
    Thank Zoltan Kecskemeti

  15. Kitora says:

    subarashi desu ne!!

  16. I love your website, It’s very interesting. Ill try to follow it regularly.I also have a bonsai and vegetable garden blog, where I show my works, tips and tricks. http://huertoimprovisado.blogspot.com
    We can share knowledge.

    Big hugs from Spain.

  17. felix abugho jr. says:

    im a beginer in art of bonsai..i really like your creations….hope someday i can make bonsai like yours……

    felix of bohol philippines

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  19. muhammad iqbal idrus says:

    subarashi desu ne, hontoni sugoi

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