Kimura’s Garden is located in Saitama Prefecture. It contains some of the most amazing trees i have ever been lucky enough to lie eyes upon. Visiting here was a life dream come true. Enjoy.

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  1. dorothy schmitz says:




  2. Rodolfo Lazo says:


    really nice pictures, i didn´t get good pictures because I was impressed to much all the time.

    Congratulations, only few of us have the chance to visit Kimura sensei like Taisho En students and have this kind treatment.

    Best regards

    Tato Lazo A.

  3. Hi
    Very interesting photos of Bonsai trees.
    I hope to see more articles and prctical guides
    for this art.
    Tehran ,Iran

  4. spectacular master piece
    more power

    from the isabela bonsai society
    cagayan valley region02 philippines

  5. Jean François says:

    Hello, wonderful pictures, maybe you could help me…
    I’m going to japan in november, i’d like to go and see Kimura,s garden is it possible?
    Must i contact him and have a rendez-vous?
    Have you got an adress or email adress?
    Thank you…


  6. bonsaijapan says:

    Please contact Mr. Yoshihiro Nakamizu Via the website. Kimura’s garden can only be visited by invitation or if accompanied by a guide such as Mr. Nakamizu.

  7. JF says:

    Thank you very much for answering

    That’s why it’s so hard to find his adress…
    I’ ve contacted Mr Nakamizu, the visit is quite expensive 250 euros (full day two well known nurserys including Kimura’s to visit and Omiya village, lunch and they pick you at your hotel in Tokyo) i hesitate…

    Did you do a similar trip?

  8. bonsaijapan says:

    That is the trip i did. It does seem expensive until you look at what you get for the money. The lunch was of very high quality in a very nice japanese resturant. Mr. Nakamizu drives you everywhere and translates as well as introducing you to owners and giving you information about the nurseries. We met the owners of every nursery we visited and talked and had tea with each. He can also arrange exporting of trees if you are interested in buying trees. The day is a long one and the road tolls alone and lunch are very expensive.

    For me tho i totally forgot about the money i had spent the minute i arrived in Kimuras garden. It was a dream come true. I was smiling for weeks afterwards. Basically if you do not know someone in the bonsai buisness in japan it is near impossible to visit let alone find Kimuras garden. Even after being driven there i doubt i could have found it even with the address. It is hidden down a lane in a suburb with no other nurseries around around 45 minutes drive from Omiya.

    While i was there i was still a university student so i did not have alot of money. After the tour i at no point regretted it.

  9. animesh says:

    he is god gifted bonsai master and his work is marvelous, but bad luck i can not visit his garden and do not see his demons tration,
    because i leave in india

  10. indra perdana kusuma says:

    very good bonsai.

  11. Esteban says:

    Very nice! Perfect !


  12. jay says:

    great bonsai…..i love it…..kimura u’r my idol

  13. Shaukat Islam says:

    Thank you so much for posting so many wonderful pictures. Simply geat….!

  14. rei says:

    truely amazing!!!!

  15. darto- sumenep says:

    good performen bonsai…your bonsai have full art…flow,compotition,harmoni,unity,etc ..the world must be * say thank you* for you…mr Kimura are yoe genius man..

  16. jay says:

    i like u’r style….cool….idol…

  17. Steve Frost says:

    What can I say ! this is the pinnacle of bonsai art – these are the most amazing trees I have ever seen – I only wish I could see them first hand. I will use these images for inspiration in shaping my own bonsai.

  18. Muhd 'Afif says:

    Hi i would like to know the ingredian of lime sulfur for painting the jin.I hope hear from you soon.Thanks.

  19. Muhd 'Afif says:

    Hallo i would to know the ingredian to mix the lime sulfur to make a paint for painting the jin.Thanks.

  20. redem diluvio says:

    very impressive! i wish i would be able to see your bonsai trees personally. i am also a bonsai enthusiast. i hope to meet you in person.
    more power.

  21. eko penyo says:

    im from indonesia i just want to comment in indonesia have a much bonsai artist such as Mr Robert Steven, Mr Budi Sulistyo etc, i usually look thier masterpiece in internet or foto album but when i look the masterpiece of kimura, what a nice masterpice, for Mr Kimura dont ever stop to make a great bonsai

  22. Quique says:

    Excelentes obras de arte!!!
    Un verdadero Maestro!

  23. jamlee says:

    so sweet…i never see all kind of bonsai like that in Malaysia..anyway Congratulations..

  24. eko penyo says:

    yes off course i agree with the other comment magnificient bonsai,

  25. anh says:

    The pictures are beautiful. I like your bonsai and your style, it’s very great.

  26. Esteban says:

    Me encantan sus trabajos de los cuales e aprendido muchisimo. Me gustaria poderlos ver personalmente . Se que sera una experiencia inolvidable. Gracias por su arte y su humildad.

  27. Granville Savidge says:

    This the bonsai world’s great master of the art. He has the best bonsai on the whole planet! Thanks for sharing…

    We love you Kimura!

    Granville L. Savidge

  28. jemmy kurniawan says:

    awesome,you are trully maestro of junipers tree,i like your style BRAVO

  29. Will Heath says:

    Only the hands of a master could create such bonsai. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Paul Wycoff says:

    Every tree is an incredible work of art !!!

  31. very nice pictures, is realy a sensei work, that kind of work inspires me…
    thank again

  32. Marco Batelli says:

    Absolutely, without dubt , the BEST !!!!!

  33. Nuliyaman says:

    very best inspiration….

  34. Dian Redzic says:

    Amazing,fantastic,I have no word to describe my feelings…

  35. Julià Gonzalez says:

    Thanks teacher. You showed us a new way to enjoy the Bonsai.

    From Girona (Spain) received a warm greeting and our heartfelt thanks.

  36. Anita Sabharwal says:

    I am amazed…very beautiful and elegant Bonsai. Art work is really great.
    Thanks for a lovely ‘trip’.
    Anita Sabharwal

  37. Franky WIJAYA says:

    How to do the tour to me. Kimura nursery?


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