Kinishi is a small town around 15 minutes from Takamatsu. Within around a 20 minute walk there are around 20 bonsai nurseries. The area is famous for growing pines, mainly the Japanese black pine. Below are some pictures from a range of nurseries.


7 Responses to Kinashi

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  2. Hi Jow,

    Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

    Looks like you had a grand time there :).

    Your enthusiasms are very much appreciated.

    Thanks again Jow.

  3. sam says:

    amazing. are all these trees for sale? anyone who believes japanese bonsai is in trouble oughta look at these pictures

  4. optimum1 says:

    Reply from France (Réponse de france)

    Magnifique,un reve ,merci pour ces photos de sujets
    exceptionnels et inaccessible! A dream !

  5. juan zamora says:

    Que mas se puede pedir, enseñanza y experiencias muy detalladas, desarrollo formidable que han hecho de este arte una industria espectacular.

  6. cliff says:

    Many thanks for sharing. How I wish to be able to tour these wonderful gardens, one can simply get lost in such beautiful world of art…….

    Do you happened to have any pictures on “small Bonsai” ( Shohin ) ?!

  7. Dian Redzic says:

    Hei,thanks for the very nice pictures

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