Located just outside of Tokyo, Omiya holds home to several nurseries in an area that is famous for bonsai.

Normally photography in Omiya bonsai village is prohibited, I was lucky enough to be allowed to take a few photos at some selected nurseries.


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12 Responses to Omiya

  1. Alex Straver says:

    It’s great to see all these beautiful bonsai. Last year I was very lucky to see all the bonsai as shown in Omiya. I was for my work several times in Japan, and have visited Omiya 3 times.

  2. juan zamora says:

    Omiya, fuente inagotable de maestros, verdadero caudal de sabiduria, inalcansable, admirandote me siento fascinado, creo que lo he visto todo.

  3. Zoltán Kecskeméti says:

    Thank to be beatiful bonsai please my help katalog end bonsai price list

  4. Nathan says:

    Omiya was fantastic!! I spent a whole day there towards the end of October 2008. The one thing I was a bit disappointed with was that a number of the nurseries on my map seem to have clsoed down. I took a great many photos though of some fantastic tree’s.
    I’m going to put some up on AusBonsai soon.
    Very nice pictures, I love the quality over there ^_^

  5. Paul Wycoff says:

    Beautiful, beautiful trees !!!

  6. tuna bluefin says:

    Great bonsai, beautiful, unfortunately the operators do not allow us to take photographs.

    Well will go there again.

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  8. Wonderful! Greetings from Brasov!

  9. gayathri says:

    we had a very memorable sights in whole omiya village.marvelous trees

  10. James, Maryland USA says:

    Thank you so much. Beautiful

  11. Francesco says:

    Really nice , congratulations

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