Okayama Nursery

*Please click below image to view gallery.


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3 Responses to Okayama Nursery

  1. Gclub says:

    thanks for sharing the informative posing

  2. Paul Cortez says:


    Your Bonsai are beautiful. Do you export bonsai tools or pots? I live in the US (Florida) and I’m trying to find reliable dealers to do business with.


    Paul C.

  3. bonsaijapan says:

    Hi John,

    When we were there we were given directions which i have since forgotten. It wasnt easy to find as it is out the back of a suburban house.

    Most nurseries have a book with name and address details of other growers and are usually more than helpfull in giving directions. I suggest you ask at another nursery in the area.

    Hope that helps.

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